Hoijlund opens up about the heated clash with Casemiro in his Manchester United debut.

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New Manchester United striker Rasmus Hoijlund has opened up about his heated clash with Casemiro. In the debut game for his new team last Sunday.

Rasmus Hojlund has opened up after an incident between him and Casemiro on the pitch , with the Danish forward making his debut for Manchester United after joining from Atalanta. Came with a fee of 72 million pounds, coming on as a substitute in the 67th minute in the game losing 3-1 to Arsenal on Sunday, September 3, 2023. After only 7 minutes on the field, he was hit by a Brazilian star. Let’s awaken with the most fierce method.

Hoijlund opens up about the heated clash with Casemiro in his Manchester United debut.

         Manchester United were awarded a corner kick and the former Real Madrid man approached his new team-mate and shook him by pushing his chest and violently yanking his shirt collar. This attitude seemed to make the football fans really like it. But what will the person who got hit with it say??? About this, Hoijlund gave an interview while he was gone.
Performing duties for the Danish national team. He revealed what Casemiro said to him at that time.

         ” He (Casemiro) said something in Spanish. Vamos’ (go ahead) or something like that. He was happy that maybe. I could give the สมัคร ufabet team a different dynamic than what they had here. “ He’s probably got a little bit stronger technique and looks into the spaces I like to fight in.” “After all, he’s never seen me play before. So he told me he was very surprised to see me play.”

         As for Hoijlund’s international teammate, Joachim Mahle, he criticized Gian Piero Gasperini, the Atalanta team manager, and this matter is still linked. Arrive at the Red Devils striker as well. Mahle played under the Italian for two and a half years before joining Wolfsburg this summer. After joining the Danish national team, Mahle revealed what life was like under Gasperini. The full-back didn’t hesitate to reveal the bizarre reason why he and Hoijlund were once together. New Manchester United players have had problems with their manager

         Mahle told Danish newspaper Tipsbladet : “He really decides everything.” “Sometimes when we have two practice rounds, He said we should rest and sleep at the training center. So we are not allowed to go home.” “ You don’t feel like a person. You feel like a number. You are not related to the coach. He would stand there and scold someone for strange things.” “For example, He was very angry when Rasmus (Hoijlund) and I came to practice in the car together. “He didn’t want us to drive together. Because then we can sit and talk on the way to practice and enjoy each other. “ He doesn’t want that. And I was scolded even though I had agreed with the club because he (Hoijland) didn’t have a driver for me. “I don’t know if that’s typical of Italians. But some things just make you angry and bored in the long run.”

        Mahle also criticized Gasperini’s lack of “freedom” for his players, 65, adding: “The coach decides everything. And there’s really no freedom.” “Even though I live in a nice place and the weather is nice, But I didn’t have time to enjoy it because we spent a lot of hours on the training field. “ It’s very difficult mentally, even though you play a great game at the weekend. And then the next game you don’t play well for 20 minutes and then you’re back in line again.” “There was no consistency that you saw elsewhere. Mentally I felt I really needed a change. ”

         Despite Mahle’s concerns, Gasperini has led Atalanta to four top-four finishes since taking over in 2016. He has also guided the Lombardy side to the next round. Won the Coppa Italia final twice as well. Last season, Hoijlund, 20, burst onto the scene under the player, scoring nine goals in Serie A. His form earned him a move to Manchester United for £72 million. And made his debut on the field last Sunday.