Nuñez accepts Suarez’s request and is ready to take on new role.

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Liverpool’s Uruguay striker Darwin Nuñez has accepted former Reds striker Luis Suarez’s request and is ready to take on a new role for the World Cup qualifiers. South America zone

Nuñez accepts Suarez's request and is ready to take on new role.

   Darwin Nuñez has revealed that former Liverpool striker Luis Suarez told him to inherit his famous Uruguayan number 9 shirt. And confirmed that he is ready to shoulder the burden of scoring goals for the national team in the new era without this veteran striker. Suarez, along with fellow senior Edinson Cavani, have been omitted from the Uruguayan squad for the match. World Cup qualifying round South America zone upcoming Meanwhile newly appointed manager. Marcelo Bielsa looks to rebuild the ยูฟ่าเบท team after a disappointing group stage exit at last winter’s World Cup.

         This makes the striker who alone scored 2 goals in the game Liverpool won over Newcastle United last weekend. It has been admitted that Suarez. Whom he had a close relationship. While they were teammates had told him to inherit the Uruguayan’s famous No. 9 shirt under. Which he scored 68 goals during a glorious 137 appearances in Serie A. national team name

         “I have a lot of admiration for him and for me. He was a very important part of the national team and during the World Cup. Because he helped me a lot,” Nuñez told E SPN Uruguay about his relationship with Suarez. Who became the first Uruguayan to play for Liverpool in 2011. “He wanted me to be a good replacement for No. 9. I asked him and he said yes. And if he has to come back, number 9 is his.”

After coming on as a substitute and excelling at St James’ Park last weekend. Nuñez made his first start in the Premier League this season against Aston Villa on Sunday 3 September 2023 . The 23-year-old played a key role in the Reds’ second goal. Before making the assist for Mohamed Salah, he scored a goal for Jurgen Klopp ‘s team to win 3-0. And now, before the Uruguayan national team game against Chile. and Ecuador this month. The Liverpool striker says he is happy to return to action for the Red Devils. And he is ready to improve his game under Bielsa’s guidance.

         “I am very happy to be back with the national team, I miss it very much,” Nuñez said. “We spoke with Marcelo. He showed me some of my play from the last game. He helped correct me in some matters. Now it’s time to go to the complex and we’ll meet there to get to know each other better.” Liverpool and Nuñez will return to Premier League action on September 16 when they travel to Molineu. Wolves’ Stadium