Mouthwash not used properly The risk of oral damage is worse than before.

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After Health presented an article about 4 dangerous signs that it’s time for root canal treatment , there were a lot of people interested in reading it. This makes us think that mouth and dental health are important things that many people may overlook. Only interested in serious diseases such as heart disease, diabetes , kidney disease, and cancer, which are actually the starting point of all the diseases mentioned above. It comes from eating food through our “mouth”. Therefore, it can be said that the mouth is important to our overall health from the beginning.

Taking care of oral hygiene is as simple as brushing your teeth, but even in its simplicity, there are hidden difficulties. Because many people still don’t brush their teeth cleanly. Until it causes tooth decay, gingivitis, and more. Therefore, to increase confidence in your gums. And our teeth are well taken care of. Therefore, the innovation of mouthwash has come out. Mouthwash is easy to use and not difficult, but many people still do not use mouthwash incorrectly. to the ทางเข้า ufabet point of risking harm to health later

Mouthwash not used properly The risk of oral damage is worse than before.

Is mouthwash necessary?

Mouthwash is a liquid that helps to further clean the mouth. But it cannot replace cleaning your teeth. and gums from brushing teeth and can use dental floss Because mouthwash alone cannot remove all the food particles that remain between the gums and between the teeth. Mouthwash with tears has a duty to help reduce some of the germs inside the mouth. Temporarily stops bad breath And it makes your mouth fresh from the smell of mouthwash only. If you are confident that you have cleaned your mouth very well There is no need to use mouthwash.

Dangers from using mouthwash incorrectly

1.Do not use mouthwash in place of brushing your teeth. Because using mouthwash only temporarily adds a fresh scent to the mouth. But plaque, food particles, and other things still remain in the crevices of the gums and between the teeth. Including the cheeks, tongue, etc. Therefore, additional mouthwash should be used only after brushing your teeth (if you cannot brush your teeth) You should use dental floss. You can then continue with mouthwash.)

2.Mouthwash cannot cure symptoms. of oral diseases Many people may use it to hold on their gums. or where there is tooth decay. In hopes of reducing the symptoms of swollen and inflamed gums or treat tooth decay Including symptoms of tooth sensitivity. Even though mouthwash has ingredients that help with tooth sensitivity. But if it is a tooth sensitivity that is caused by the tooth’s neck being worn out. Then we use mouthwash to help and ignore such symptoms. 

It may cause us to not receive proper treatment from the doctor. And the condition of the tooth neck got worse, not filling the neck, causing the neck to wear down deep into the nerve cavity. Causing tooth pain and having to switch to root canal treatment instead of filling the neck, which is easier to treat. Or if you have periodontitis Mouthwash doesn’t really help treat the root cause of the disease. If left untreated, it may cause us to ignore the disease until the symptoms become more and more severe.

3.If you use mouthwash too often. May destroy good bacteria living in the mouth and may cause fungus inside the mouth later. It can also cause the teeth to easily develop tartar. The taste buds on the tongue are distorted. and the color of tooth enamel changes as well

4.If you choose to use mouthwash that contains alcohol. The acid is too strong It may irritate the mucosa inside the mouth, causing the tooth surface to become thinner, which may cause tooth sensitivity as a result.