5 ways to get rid of garlic smell Onions come out of the mouth

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Everyone has bad breath from time to time. The cause of bad breath can come from many things, such as the food you eat. Oral health problems or some type of disease Garlic and onions are the two foods that cause bad breath most often. Especially when eaten raw

Garlic and onions are plants in the same family. They have similar ingredients and contain a lot of sulfur. Sulfur is the substance that gives garlic and onions their unique flavor and aroma. When garlic and onions are cut or crushed Sulfur is released and interacts with gas-producing bacteria in the mouth. cause bad breath

Bad breath from garlic and onions can last for several hours after eating. This is because sulfur is absorbed into the bloodstream and travels to the lungs. Make your breath smell. We will have a way to get rid of garlic smell. How to remove onions from the mouth ?

5 ways to get rid of garlic smell Onions come out of the mouth

How to get rid of garlic smell Onions from the mouth

1.Eat fresh fruits and vegetables such as apples, spinach, and mint to help reduce bad breath from garlic. If you eat a lot of extra garlic It’s best to eat apples for dessert or chew on fresh mint leaves.

2. Brush your teeth and floss after eating. Most of the bacteria that cause bad breath live in the gum line and plaque on teeth. Brushing and flossing after eating onions or garlic will help remove odor-causing bacteria and food particles.

3. Use mouthwash mixed with chlorine dioxide. There is some scientific evidence that chlorine dioxide mouthwash is effective at reducing bad breath. Chlorine dioxide can help remove plaque. Bacteria on the tongue and food scraps This is the same ingredient used to purify and improve the taste of outdoor water when camping. Mouthwash usually works best after brushing and flossing. It’s also important to follow the instructions on the bottle to avoid overuse or mouth irritation. Mouthwash containing chlorine dioxide is available at some pharmacies and supermarkets. If you have any concerns? Please consult your doctor or dentist before using this ทางเข้า ufabet https://ufabet999.com type of mouthwash.

4. Essential oils can be used to reduce bad breath. You can add essential oil drops to mouthwash that contains alcohol. Or make your own mouthwash at home by mixing essential oils with a carrier oil (such as coconut oil. sweet almond oil (or olive oil), mix 1 teaspoon of carrier oil with 1 drop of peppermint oil and swish it around your mouth to help remove food particles, bacteria, and bad breath. You can buy food-grade essential oils at grocery stores or stores. online Please be careful of essential oils that contain added sugars.

5. Drink hot green tea after meals to temporarily reduce bad breath until you can brush your teeth. Green tea contains antioxidants and other compounds. It is beneficial to oral and overall health. Therefore, drinking green tea regularly may help reduce bad breath and improve overall oral health.

Green tea also has many other health benefits, such as reducing the risk of heart disease. Stroke and some types of cancer, so drinking green tea regularly is a good way to take care of your overall health.