Singto fans have spoken after being accused of being a fake fan who hired a screamer

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Fans of the Roaring Lions team ‘England’ came out and said after the news. They are fake fans hired to welcome Gareth Southgate’s team in Qatar.

Gareth Southgate ‘s England squad arrives in Doha. The home base for the World Cup on Tuesday night was met with an enthusiastic but rather bizarre welcome by Harry Kane, Jack Grealish , and their team-mates. And dozens of staff will spend the entire tournament at the palatial Souq Al Waqaret Hotel, with fans swarming. Hundreds of people gathered to await their arrival.

Singto fans have spoken after being accused of being a fake fan who hired a screamer

         England kick off their first game against Iran on Monday with the tournament kicking off on Sunday , with hosts Qatar taking on Ecuador amid a controversial situation. Although Qatar’s human rights record is closely watched, But the credibility of the supporters who attended the event was also questioned. News came out last week that A UFABET group of 40 English football fans received money to attend the event and positively promote the Arab state.

         Britain was greeted by what The Times called “foreigners from India working in Qatar” on Tuesday evening. The group, of about 100 men, dressed in informal shirts and shouting ‘Football’s Coming Home’ to the Lions roar, with Sajidh, one of the attendees and a 29-year-old mechanical engineer, debunking the allegations against him and his colleagues. Nations that say they are “fake” supporters

          “None of us got paid,” he said. “We’re big fans of England. My favorite player is David Beckham, but now it’s [Bukayo] Saka. “ If someone offered us money to support England, we would say no. We are true supporters. Many of us grew up watching Beckham and Michael Owen. Our love for this team.” Nijas , 29, also agrees and claims he can buy tickets for Compete in the upcoming group stages of England. “Nobody gave us these things. Argentina is the most supported team among Indians in Qatar. followed by brazil But after that it’s England.”

         Recent poor performances resulted in England’s relegation from the Nations League in September. Meanwhile, expectations have been dampened over Southgate’s 26-man squad, but captain ‘Ken’ insists they remain on an upward trajectory. “We have good prospects in big tournaments. So there’s only one step left to take. And hopefully we can do it this time, ”said the Tottenham Hotspur striker upon arrival in Doha.

         England play their Group B opener on Monday without a friendly, but Kane believes they will adapt. “It’s exciting. But it’s unusual to think we’ll be playing in the next five or six days. but with big tournaments It’s a little bit different,” he says. “The mentality of the team will adapt well. And that’s what we’re going to do ′′ We try to not think that far, but of course [winning the World Cup] is a dream and what we aim for. It will be a difficult tournament. We must be ready. But I’m very excited to start.