Share hard! Classic clip: Rooney defends Ronaldo after latest drama

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A classic clip of Wayne Rooney defending Cristiano Ronaldo from their Manchester United days has been shared on social media following the Ballon d’Or 5 winner. When he came out to criticize his old friend

   Cristiano Ronaldo tipped Wayne Rooney over his shock interview with Piers Morgan. Which will be released in full this Wednesday and Thursday. Gary Neville and Eric ten Hag have all been targeted in some clips and quotes released from Ronaldo’s conversation with Morgan. But perhaps the most surprising comment was his reference to Rooney. United’s all-time top scorer criticized his former team-mates last week in a talk SPORT commentary saying UFABET

Share hard! Classic clip: Rooney defends Ronaldo after latest drama

         “I think what he has done since the start of the season is unacceptable for Manchester United. Of course I saw Roy Keane defend him, Roy would not accept that. Roy will never accept that. They’re trying to rebuild it. And for Cristiano. Just keep your head down, work hard, focus and be ready to play when the manager needs you. I think he will be a valuable person. If he doesn’t, I think it will become an unwanted nuisance.

          And according to Sky Sports , Ronaldo responded to the criticism by telling Morgan: “I don’t understand, you should ask him that question. I don’t know why he treated me so badly.” Then when Morgan said it might be out of jealousy, the Manchester United star added: “Probably because he finished his career in his early 30s and I was still playing at a high level. I’m not going to say that I look better than him. Which is true…” “It’s hard to hear criticism and negatives like that from people who used to play with you like Gary Neville as well.”

          “People can have their own opinions. But they really don’t know. What happened at the training ground at Carrington? or even my life They shouldn’t listen to just one point of view. But they have to listen to my point of view. It’s easy to criticize. But if you don’t know the whole story, it’s easy.” “They’re not my friends. It’s easy to criticize anyone. I don’t know if it’s because he took a job on TV and had to criticize to get more fame. I really don’t understand.

          It is sad to hear that what was once a sensational relationship. On the pitch between two of Manchester United’s all-time greatest players has turned sour since their split. And Ronaldo’s honest response to Rooney’s criticism. Causing sadness among Manchester United fans A group of United reminisced about the good old days and hoped that things would turn out better. Will not be as it seems clips and videos. Their happy days during five years at Old Trafford under Sir Alex Ferguson were shared on social media.

          And one of the most eye-catching flashback clips posted on Twitter is the clip that shows. Just how much did Rooney ever stand up to protect Ronaldo when they both played for Manchester United together? went on to shout and close to boxing James Morrison Midfielder of Middlesbrough The penalty for a hard tackle on Ronaldo led Morrison to be shown a red card. It was Ronaldo who scored the winning goal that gave Manchester United a 1-0 win that night in the FA Cup quarter-finals.

  Even though Morrison will be sent a red card by the referee. But Rooney is still not satisfied with his feelings clearly once again . Many people can’t help but miss their old relationships. between them not At a time when things were much less complicated at Manchester United. It’s no surprise that Rooney defends his team-mates under pressure. however The significance of this clip is that it describes very well what he, Ronaldo and Manchester United used to have in common.

          Did Rooney react to Ronaldo’s comments? As far as looking at the current situation Ronaldo shouldn’t have expected to hear back from his former striker partner. At the very least, Rooney wants to keep his reaction to the drama a secret. That is the information we received from Sky Sports ‘ Rob Dorsett, who revealed on Tuesday 15 November 2022: His #mufc team ′′ ′ ′ Rooney has always listed Ronaldo as one of the two best players in the world. But at his age and at a club as big as #mufc he has to accept the situation. And don’t expect to play every minute of every game,” he added in a later tweet. “I have been told that Rooney will not speak publicly about it. And no hatred for his former #mufc teammates.”