Ronaldo names three ghost players he admires after attacking youngsters

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Cristiano Ronaldo has named three Manchester United players he admires after attacking the youngsters in an interview with Piers Morgan.

   Cristiano Ronaldo has named compatriot Diogo Dalot as the player he admires at Manchester United, with the Ballon d’Or five currently serving in the FIFA World Cup in Galata . Tarr with Portugal , where he joins Manchester United team-mates Dalot and Bruno Fernandes in Fernando Santos ‘ squad. Lodo with Piers Morgan that aired on Wednesday night, November. Morgan asked him, UFABET is the player in world football he admires?

Ronaldo names three ghost players he admires after attacking youngsters

         Ronaldo opted to focus on his club team-mates, saying: “At Manchester United, I could talk about Dalot. He is young but very professional. But I have no doubt that he will have a long career in football. Because he’s young, smart, witty, and he’s very professional. And maybe [ Lisandro] Martinez or Casemiro in their 30s, but of course I would choose Dalot. ” saying they lack the same discipline he had when he was a youngster

         He said: “Every league in the world, the young players now are not like me. But we can’t blame them. Because it’s part of life, you know, new generations and new technologies. That caused them to turn their attention to something else… but they weren’t the same. They listen, but that’s why we have two ears, because the left ear goes through the right. ” And if they don’t imitate what you’re doing, it’s kind of strange to me. Because I remember when I was 18, 19, 20 I was always looking for the best players like Van Nistelrooy, Ferdinand, Roy Keane and Giggs  . success and long play Because I take care of my body, because of my heart, my brain because I meet these people and learn from them.”

         when it comes to his own leadership style. Ronaldo said he wanted to speak with action. “I think the best advice… I’m not the type to give advice. I like to lead by example,” Ronaldo told Morgan. “I’m there every morning. I do the same thing I might be the first to arrive and the last to leave ′′ ′′ (Rising star) They listen and they forget in two minutes. I like to lead by example. Some people follow me, but not many…” “They don’t care, some do, but most don’t. For me it’s not surprising. Their careers will not last long.

Ronaldo continued to taunt Wayne Rooney, referring to the fact that the current DC United boss only spoke about him recently before publicly attacking him. which roughly means that The former Roaring Lions star is a hypocrite. “I really don’t understand people like that. Or do they want to be on the front page of the newspaper? Or they need a new job or whatever,” added Ronaldo. “It’s easy to criticize. But if you don’t know the full story, it’s easy. They’re not my friends.”

         “It’s easy to criticize. I don’t know if they have television works that need to be criticized in order to gain more fame. I really don’t understand. “I think they took advantage of (my name) because they weren’t stupid. I had to live with that criticism. It’s hard when you see people who’ve been in the dressing room sharing that kind of comment. I will never fail because of criticism. But it’s not nice to listen to that.” Ronaldo finished by insisting that Rooney is no longer his friend and that the pair will “not have dinner together” any time soon.