How to use the Martingale baccarat formula

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The way to use the Martingale formula is very simple.

  • Bet 1 unit first, if you win, drop 1 unit as before, with 1 unit here being as many baht as you like.
  • If losing the next eye, bet twice as much as the previous round until winning, for example, round 1 down 1 unit lose, round 2 down 2 units lose, round 3 down 4 units. 4 Down 8 units Keep doing this because in the round we win it will be able to bring back all the lost funds with a profit of 1 unit.

The conclusion is that if you really want to use this UFABET formula, in addition to the money that you have to spend on compounding We must also be ready to take risks that increase with the number of defeats.

How to use the Martingale baccarat formula

 How much money do I need to use the Martingale baccarat formula ?

As I said, people who are thinking of using the Martingale formula are absolutely essential to have a lot of money or investment units because as soon as they lose. We have to keep adding, which we don’t know which round we will get back. Just know that when you get it back, we will get all the lost money back as well. But if there is too little money, there is a chance that we will go bankrupt before getting our money back as well.

Now there’s a point, because everybody’s scared of breaking the bank. The word much, I don’t know how much it needs to be enough. So let’s see how when we keep losing for 10 consecutive turns, how will it affect investment units?

From the table that I have given an example, it is enough to see the answer, right? How much money should we have if we want to use the Martingale formula? How many rounds can I play? At the same time, we also have to see if we are really going to play or use this formula, can we take the risk of losing? because in the short term, although it does not cost much money But there is a risk of losing a lot as well. On the contrary, the more we lose in a row, the more to spend a lot of money But the chances of losing consecutively, it will also be less. With the features of this formula that make thick pocket bettors, including those investors like to use.