How to use Baccarat Winning Martingale formula?

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As I said, it’s the opposite of Martingale, that is, we will initially bet only 1 unit. When we win, we will double the bet to 2, 4, 8, 16, with the money added to come from Capital in the first eye plus the profit that we can play. To say that it only makes us risk 1 unit Let’s see an example of using this UFABET formula.

  • 1st eye bet on the player’s side 1 unit, the result is that we win. Earn 1 unit of profit
  • 2nd eye bet on the player’s side 2 units with a profit of 1 unit from the first round. Plus 1 more unit of the first capital, this time we still win. 2 units of profit
  • 3rd eye bet on the player’s side 4 units (3 units of accumulated profit, 1 unit of capital) won again Now we have to decide whether we will quit or continue. Because now we use only 1 unit of capital and make up to 7 units of profit.

No matter which hand, if we lose, we will lose all profits. plus 1 unit of capital

How to use Baccarat Winning Martingale formula?

 Important Factors to Make Wining Martingale Work Well

The history of card issuance or card layout of the baccarat table. It is another thing that we must read to be able to read accurately. In order to make using the Winning Martingale formula more effective, especially if you come across any table that draws dragons often or long dragons, it is considered very good. because it will give us the opportunity to profit from online casino got substantial

In addition, the goal of play is important. We must always plan how many turns we will play. how much profit Some people come across a room where dragons are drawn and get addicted to stabbing each other for so long that they forget to think that there is an opportunity to switch sides. In the end it turned out that all profits were lost in a single bet.

From the experience of using this formula, it will do well when encountering the same side about 3-5 times in a row, most of them will exit 3 times and then switch sides. That’s why I gave only 3 examples because if more than this, there will be less and less chances to come out on the same side.