Grade Manchester United’s players at home, beating Newcastle 3-2 in the Premier League last night

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Grade Manchester United’s players at home, beating Newcastle 3-2 in the Premier League last night

• Ahmad Diallo is in impressive form once again.

• Bruno Fernandes made a difference to the team.

• Lisandro Martinez and Marcus Rashford have returned to play for the team. After previously both of them encountered illnesses.

Grade Manchester United's players at home, beating Newcastle 3-2 in the Premier League last night

Manchester United player ratings

Andre Onana – 6.5/10

Two important saves – Longstaff’s shot and Cholinton’s header.

Diogo Dalot – 6/10

The form is stable. There may be some small mistakes, but they are not serious mistakes. But it didn’t make much difference to the team. Some sections add up to the chance to shoot far.

Casemiro – 7/10

Lost the ball easily in the middle of the field from the beginning of the ทางเข้า ufabet game, almost causing the team to lose a goal. It’s good that Amrabat stepped down to help block it.

However, he made amends when Amrabat lost the ball in their own half before Gase came in time to tackle Gordon in the penalty area.

He helped the defense many times. especially The moment the ball is cleared at the goal line.

Jonny Evans – 6/10

Not bad, helped clear the ball and intercepted the ball many times.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka – 5/10

Missed the ball easily early in the second half. This allows the visiting team to counter quickly. Luckily, the team didn’t lose the second seed at that time because Amrabat helped them out.

Cobby Mainu – 7/10

Occasionally fills in and participates in the team’s offensive game. and finished the score calmly

Sofiyan Amrabat – 7.5/10

He dropped down to block the ball excellently when Casemiro lost the ball in the middle of the field early in the game.

However, he missed the ball in his own half, but Casemiro came to the rescue in time.

beginning of second half He blocked Isak’s shot incredibly well. Help the team not concede goals. Because of the moment when the team was hit back quickly It’s a 1 vs 3 situation.

Ahmad Diallo – 8/10

The more you play, the more confident you become. He was good on the ball, flowing, fast, looked composed. He had a chance to shoot far outside the box but Dubravka was saved before he could assist Mainu to make it 1-0.

In the second half, he scored to give the team a 2-1 lead, meaning that this match shot 1, paid 1, considered a game that really showed impressive form.

Scott McTominay – 6/10

Fill it up and have a chance to score a goal in some periods. and won many aerial duels.

Alejandro Carnacio – 5/10

Not very outstanding for the form of play, more heavily on Diallo.

Bruno Fernandes (Captain) – 8/10

Has a noticeable influence on the team’s offensive game. and make a difference to the team Having him on the team is more reassuring than not having him. Plus he was the one who assisted for Hoylund at the end of the game.

Backup used

Lisandro Martinez (in place of Mainu 83) – 5/10

It is good news for United that he is back playing for the team again. After previously disappearing from view for 1 and a half months due to injury problems.

Marcus Rashford (in place of Garnacio 83) – 5/10

Another person who has recovered from his injury has returned.

Rasmus Hoylund (replaces Ahmad S.83) – 7/10

There isn’t much time in the field. But can produce scores for the team

Christian Eriksen (in place of Bruno 90) – no points

There isn’t much time in the field. because he was sent down during injury time