1986 World Cup ‘Hand of God’ ball sold for 2 million baht

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hand of god ball Argentina’s win over England in the quarter-finals. Of the 1986 World Cup has been auctioned off in England for a much lower than expected £2 million.

The ball worn by the late Argentine legend Diego Maradona. Used a hand to score a goal until he was dubbed the Hand of God in the 1986 UFABET World Cup quarter-finals. In Mexico successfully auctioned On Wednesday at a price of 2 million pounds or about 85 million baht. Which is about 1 million pounds lower than expected or about 42 million baht.

1986 World Cup 'Hand of God' ball sold for 2 million baht

Previously, in May, the jersey worn by Tiger Short led the Argentinian national team to beat England 2-1 and pave the way for the World Championship at that time. It was auctioned off for £7,142,500 or 321 million baht, making it the most expensive sports-related item in history. since the auction 

Until November, the white Adidas Azteca soccer ball was Ali Bin Nasser , the referee in the game. Brought to auction at Graeme Budd auction house England initially. Expected to get a price of about 3 million pounds, or about 127 million baht. Before the auction ended lower than expected.

Ahead of the auction, Bin Nasser said he felt it was the right time to share the ball with the world. And expressed hope that an undisclosed buyer. He also defended his decision to allow Maradona’s controversial first goal to be scored.

“I can’t see clearly, two players, Peter Shilton and Maradona, with their backs on me. According to FIFA instructions issued before the match I asked the linesman to confirm the authenticity of the goal. He went back to the halfway line. After the game, England head coach Bobby Robson said to me You did well. But the lineman was irresponsible,’ Bin Nasser said.