WATCH: This MSNBC Host Went Off Script And Admitted The Truth That No Trump-Hater Wants To Admit

In what may be the first step in uniting the nation, the Left has made an acknowledgment that they are intolerant of other’s opinions. This is actually an enormous step. It is only though rational debate and the testing of ideas that a democratic system works.

When the Left shout down anyone with a differing opinion, when they no-platform speakers on college campuses who don’t have the same views as hem, they do a disservice to the nation and to the minds of those that wish to hear both sides of an argument. Shouting has taken the place of facts.

The aggressive, non-engagement policy of the Left has meant that the country remains divided. If you want to unite two people with differing ideas, then you need to make points, make arguments, show data and ultimately “prove” that you opinion is (if not necessarily the right one) the best one. And on such, policy can be built.

If you can’t engage with someone, you will never persuade them. In some cases, this is not just the Left. Sue, it is their trademark reaction so far, but that doesn’t mean those on the opposite side should do the same.

Check out this segment where the first steps to unity might just be happening:

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