Tucker’s Guest Claims ‘It’s Worse Being Black in America than in Mexico’


These days, it seems that liberals are competing with each other to see who can make the biggest fool out of themselves on national television.

We’ve seen no shortage of unhinged lunacy coming from a slew of liberal guests, politicians, and celebrities, and the examples are limitless.

Such is the case for Tucker Carlson’s guest, Anthony Tall, who made the audacious claim that life would be better for black people in Mexico than America, during a discussion on NFL ingrate, Marshawn Lynch.

Tucker pointed out that life for black people in Mexico is anything but easy, which Tall didn’t quite agree with.

“I think Marshawn Lynch and a lot of black people would disagree. It’s worse being [black] in America than in Mexico,” said Tall, who claims that black Americans feel they’re treated much better abroad than they are in the United States.

Watch the video: