Trump Heard What Muslims Wanted In White House For Holidays And Sends Them Something Brilliant Instead


In the course of the most recent eight years, the Barack Obama organization announced war on Christians and did all that he could to curve to Muslim requests in America.

From the Obama’s first Christmas season in the White House, they made a point to solidify out the Christian convention for being more “centered” to different religions including Islam.

An ideal case of that would be the means by which Obama observed Ramadan amid his chance as “president” and even held numerous Iftar dinners on the White House grounds.

For a considerable length of time, Christians were kicked to the side as Obama and liberals made a joke of everything our nation was established on years back.

Muslims in America and around the world only became more embolden as Obama allowed them more power and status and even went as far to say that Islam was the real “religion of peace.”

Finally, after years of constant abuse from Obama, the American people elected Donald Trump to get our country back on track.

Evidently, Muslims believed that they could keep the status quo from previous years and hoped that the White House would continue the Obama tradition of “inclusiveness.”

Not one to ignore anyones’ calls, President Trump decided to answer them the only way he knows how and it is brilliant.

For a really long time, the American individuals were made to feel embarrassed for observing Christmas. Media intellectuals, government officials, and even the alleged previous leader of the United States, Barack Obama, addressed us for saying Merry Christmas.

The White House settled on the decision to delete it from the White House, and the Obamas even ventured to issue “occasion” cards rather than Christmas cards. At that point, to worsen the situation, Muslims in the nation were held in higher respect in spite of their vicious foundations and Christians were rejected as supremacist narrow minded people.

Yes, good readers, Barack and Michelle Obama wanted to mark their first Christmas in the White House by tossing the Baby Jesus out of the building. For a number of years, the White House decorations were more pet-centric than Jesus-centric.

Well, President Trump does celebrate Christmas, and he pledged that he would bring it back in a BIG way once elected to the White House.

The children who came to the White House to help decorate were taken aback by the First Lady’s graceful demeanor and stunning good looks. One child even exclaimed, “She looks like an angel!” and it is not hard to see why.

This is a remarkable change from the Obama organization, however a needed one. For a really long time we were advised to push aside our opportunity regarded conventions, for example, observing Christmas since they annoyed others like Muslims.

Presently, these Muslims can do both of two things in the event that they wish to remain in America. They can start to adjust into our way of life and conventions, or they can leave and stick to any place they originated from.