Trump-Hating ‘Reporter’ Calls Sarah Sanders ‘Redneck Mother-F*cker,’ Gets ‘Nasty Surprise’


Evan Hurst is a disgusting, lying leftist hack reporter, who is getting attention for writing an article titled “Go F*ck Yourself, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, You Debased Redneck Motherf*cker.” Hurst is a nobody who wanted attention, and now, he’s got it. Patriots love President Donald Trump’s press secretary, who takes heat from the idiots in the mainstream media daily. Hurst thought wrong when he attacked America’s favorite press secretary, and you’ll love how he gets a nasty surprise.

Keeping an eye on the liberal loser media is a full-time job, but nothing has shocked Trump supporters more than the unwarranted attack on Sarah Huckabee Sanders. The White House press secretary had to endure reporter April Ryan accusing her of not baking the pecan chocolate pie she posted on social media over Thanksgiving, and now, there is this idiot, Evan Hurst.

Usually, we wouldn’t give such trash the time of day, but in the same way that Trump vanquishes his detractors, there are times to shed light on these evil rats. So warning, there is some explicit language in this article, although we kept it to a minimum. Twitchy‘s senior editor felt the same way, reporting, “Writing this as a Twitchy editor is interesting because we use our fair share of ‘blue-ish’ language in headlines and in copy; it seems a natural part of snark.”

He adds, “That being said, there are certain words and phrases even WE avoid because we know they’re just unacceptable and tacky. Like this crap (and it is crap) from Wonkette Senior Editor, Evan Hurst: Go F*ck Yourself, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, You Debased Redneck Motherf*cker. Sarah Huckabee Sanders has seriously gotten under their skin, and this limp-wristed, whiny headline proves it.”

Go Fuck Yourself, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, You Debased Redneck Motherfucker via @EvanHurst

— Wonkette (@Wonkette) November 29, 2017
It is not just the headline, we went ahead and took a look at what this buffoon had to say, and it was just a pack of lies so thick, only very brainwashed leftists could think it had any truth. Hurst sarcastically asks whether Sanders’ “worst act of the week” was “when she defended her white supremacist boss Donald The Stupid after he hurled racism at Navajo code talkers who helped us win World War II by telling them all about mean old ‘Pocahontas’ in the Senate.”

Right, seems poor useful idiot Evan missed out on Elizabeth Warren’s lies about her “paw-paw.” Hurst goes on to say that Warren never lied, nope. Except, it’s all on video, and it’s fairly simple to do a search to find Pocohantas telling us how she knows that she has American Indian blood running through her veins.

Nothing like Warren’s “Aunt Bea’s” comments about high cheekbones to verify her ethnic background. If you think Warren took a simple DNA test to prove her Aunt Bea’s story, you’d be wrong. Warren used this fable to mark “X” in the American-Indian box when she applied to be a professor at Harvard, and it worked.

So, what else does the leftist hack have on Sanders? It must be something really good since he called her names no one would ever repeat in polite company. Hurst reports, “Hands down, the worst sin against common decency Sarah Huckabee Sanders committed this week was her response to Trump tweeting anti-Muslim torture porn on Wednesday morning, sourced from British white supremacists who make American white supremacists look like … OK let’s just say it’s a tie as to who has the worst white supremacists.”

Obviously, Evan Hurst and his ridiculous website called “Wonkette” have never seen real explicit beheadings or Islamic terrorists raping children. One video showed Muslims smashing a Virgin Mary statue, the other one, taken from a good distance away, showed a man being thrown off a roof. Both videos would be rated PG-13, yet he calls it “anti-Muslim porn.”

That’s all he has got. For those reasons, Hurst called Sanders, well, you know what he called her. One Twitter user told Hurst, “This is how liberal male @evanhurst treats women. Still surprised at all these sexual assault revelations on the left?” and Hurst is so unstable that he responded with, “He should see how I treat men!”

Hurst seems like a stalker. His hate is palpable, and it seems the poor sap has snapped. Now that Twitchy has alerted patriots that a real nutjob is on the loose, the Wonkette wacko is getting “nasty surprises” all over his Twitter thread from those who love Sarah Huckabee Sanders. We are exposing his lies, which wasn’t challenging at all because they were so ridiculous.

He wanted the attention, and in the process, he is in way over his head. His article reads like a manifesto from a whacked follower of Che Guevera. I’m sure he’ll be getting a visit from the Secret Service, who take seriously signs of mental instability like Hurst is showing. Hopefully, he will get help. Liberalism is a mental disorder, but this guy is showing such pent-up hostility, it’s really creepy. This might just be a severe case of “Trump Derangement Syndrome, ” and the only cure is accepting reality and learning the truth.