Poll: Majority of voters don’t think Trump’s executive order is a ‘Muslim ban’


The majority of U.S. voters do not think President Trump’s executive order to temporarily suspend immigration from seven Middle Eastern and north African countries is a “Muslim ban,” as opponents have called the action, according to a Fox News poll released Tuesday evening.

The Feb. 11-13 survey found 56 percent of registered voters deemed the order a “terrorist hot spot restriction,” while 37 percent said it was a “Muslim ban.”

Although more than half of the those polled do not believe the move was not an attempt to discriminate based on religion, a majority of the country disapproves of the executive order. Forty-six percent supported Trump’s Jan. 27 immigration order.

The poll was conducted by Anderson Robbins Research and Shaw & Company Research through landline and cellphone interviews with 1,013 registered voters nationwide. The survey’s margin of error was three percentage points for all registered voters. The same margin of error was applied to the military question, but among veterans surveyed, the sampling error was 8.5 percentage points.