POLL: Cop Kills Man After He Attacks Cop – Was It JUSTIFIABLE?


The cop was called in to help someone in distress … and wound up needing help himself.

Who else, besides a cop, faces a chance of being attacked by the same people that called him for help?

For all the training they get, this cop was NOT ready for what was waiting for him on the other side of this door.

A woman answered the door, but a very large man stepped in and started throwing his weight around — literally.

Attempts on the officer’s part to de-escalate fell on deaf ears.

The much larger man not only chased the officer out of the apartment and down the corridor, with the officer yielding ground and giving every opportunity to comply, but he shrugged off a taser attack, and was unfazed when the officer — now vulnerable on the ground, and being kicked by the attacker, and — attempted to use his baton.

Every opportunity for the attacker to break off the attack was available, but even when he had the upper hand on the officer, he didn’t let up.

A second police officer arrived on scene, and the attacker approached him, while still dragging the first officer by his foot.

The first officer tries to break the hold on his foot, by striking at the hand with his stick — but gets kicked and dragged by his attacker in response.

The second officer — who was called in as a backup — has his service weapon raised. The big guy is already at fairly close quarters and charged at the armed cop.

Shots were fired, and the big guy — Floridian Pedro Pierre, 42 — fell down dead.

Broward Sheriff Scott Israel said Friday that he released the footage to dispel rumors and speculation about the shooting on social media and to give an unvarnished view of what happened. He said the deputy who fired could not allow himself to get into a struggle over his weapon.

“Unarmed assailants take guns away from police officers and they are many police officers in the United States of America who tragically have died at the hands of their own weapons,” Israel said.
Source: CBS Local

But this story has a plot twist.

Pedro Pierre’s sister, Guilaine Jean, and his entire family is devastated. They say the video does not represent their loved one — a father of five, an entrepreneur and a one-time political candidate in Haiti.

“This is not my brother,” Jean said. “He was not a violent person. He was a good guy.”

Pierre’s daughter, Shania, said her father had a stroke a few years ago and suffered from medical problems ever since.

“I know my dad didn’t mean it,” she told CBS4’s Carey Codd. “He didn’t mean it at all. My dad, he had a mental health issue that nobody knew about and I wish the police knew about it before killing him.”
Source: CBS Local

There were the natural objections of the grieving relatives who were dealing with the news of his death, with phrases like his daughter’s “Why can’t they try another way? They have so many ways!” or his son’s “They didn’t have to kill him at all, they had tasers, they had other weapons. They didn’t have to shoot him.”

But even those statement show the patence of the officers involved. They TRIED verbal de-escalation. They TRIED yielding ground. They TRIED tazing him. They TRIED breaking his grip with a baton. They TRIED so many of the ‘other ways’. And he just kept coming.

He had already shown that he was not afraid to be violent with cops.

If he engages in hand-to-hand with an armed cop, does anybody really know how far he was willing to escalate? Like the Sheriff said, plenty of cops have hesitated at the same critical moment, only to have their next of kin receive a folded flag as a result.