NFL Protesters Are Fuming After Ted Nugent Hit Them With Brutal Racial Fact They Don’t Want Anyone To Know


Ted Nugent is no stranger to the conservative circle. He’s even better known for pissing off liberals. Sure, he’s a bit crude at times, but he provides a fresh and no-nonsense perspective in a world inundated by political correctness. Nugent’s latest comments were directed at the NFL and players taking a knee during the anthem.

As you can probably guess, Nugent was candid and used some not-so-nice words that are sure to have progressives crying foul.

In response to the left’s allegations of systematic racism, Nugent had this following response:

“If there was racism in the NFL, the overwhelming white viewers and ticket buyers would not cheer on the 70% of blacks who constitute the players.”

Nugent then uses a selection of colorful phrases to describe the players taking a knee, including “ignorant whiners,” “useful pawns,” “excuse makers,” and my favorite, “ignorant clueless uneducated dumbasses.”

Nugent then brilliantly highlights the real problem in the black community that liberals and Democrats refuse to ever address. This includes black illiteracy, black unemployment, high school dropout rates, and black-on-black crime. The last point, by the way, is FAR FAR more prevalent than the rare instances of a police officer shooting a black man.

He ends the post by saying that players who want to take a knee are welcome to do so outside the stadium. He states with conviction, though, that during the in-game anthem, players need to “show a little respect for the country that has given you so much.”

He’s got a good point.

Of course, you can expect the progressive haters to cast Nugent as another white supremacist; that’s their go-to label for anyone who dares stray from the liberal mindset.

Did Nugent hit the mark with his spot-on albeit politically incorrect statement?


  1. There was nothing INCORRECT about what He said. I thought what He said and how he said it was spot on ! He might have said “the majority” are uneducated, which would be true. Really good high school athletes are passed on through a much less stringent academic achievement grading curve and then rewarded scholarships
    to top level universities via the same process. Big ol Johnney going Pro gets his GPA based on cartoon watching (or something like minded such as Art). It isn’t all bad though. When John G. Pro goes as far as he can before being totally crippled, his manager finds him some speaking gigs at places for disadvantaged youth, where he can encourage other kids that would rather be a gang banger than study and show them how to beat the system.