Melania Trump Wows French First Lady as ‘Really Fun’ and ‘Strong


Following her three-day trip to Washington, D.C., French first lady Brigitte Macron apparently can’t stop singing her American counterpart’s praises.

While speaking to France’s Le Monde newspaper and RTL radio, Macron described Melania Trump as “kind, charming, intelligent,” adding that the pair strengthened their bond this week after first meeting in Paris last July. According to her, Trump is quite different in private than in public.

“On the contrary she is really fun,” she said. “We have the same sense of humour, we laugh a lot together.

“Everything is interpreted, over-interpreted,” she continued. “She’s someone who has a strong personality but she makes an effort to hide it. She laughs very easily at everything, but she shows it less than I do.”

Watch the first ladies visit the National Gallery of Art together:

While Macron is still adjusting to life as the first lady, she believes she has a bit more freedom than Trump does in her position.

“Melania can’t do anything, she can’t even open a window at the White House,” she said. “She can’t go outside. Every day, I go out in Paris.

“In my head, I’m Emmanuel Macron’s wife, not the president’s wife,” she added. “I don’t feel like a first lady even though I’m aware of my responsibilities.”

The first ladies turned heads this week with their stunning fashion choices during the French first couple’s visit to our nation’s capital. The duo seemed to get along well as they appeared alongside their husbands during the visitors’ arrival ceremony and state dinner.