Jeff Sessions Demands Investigation into Obama’s $6 Billion Secret- This is HUGE!


Sessions DOJ Looking into ‘Slush Fund’ Payments to Made to Leftists in Obama Administration.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is regaining President Trump’s confidence in him at an extremely rapid pace.  Just weeks after President Trump’s humiliating Tweets about Attorney General Sessions, Sessions seems to have completely turned things around.

In recent days, Sessions has announced a huge crackdown on MS-13 gang members and announced a crackdown on “sanctuary” cities, illegally  protect illegal criminals from Federal authorities for deportation.

Now Jeff Sessions is the illegal distribution of up to $6 billion in legal settlement money that Obama and his cronies took and illegal steered toward progressive and liberal, left-wing groups.

Yes, that’s $6 billion… with a B!  Obama’s entire administration full of crooks thought they above the law.