Hillary Clinton: “Investigating Me Proves That We Are Living In A Dictatorship“

Recently amid a meeting with Mother Jones, previous Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton criticized Attorney General Jeff Sessions saying that a special counsel investigating her and President Trump encouraging the Department of Justice to do this investigation is actually the same as abusing her, and that this sort of things are done only in dictatorships.

Hillary stated, “I regret deeply that this appears to be the politicization of the Justice Department and our justice system. This Uranium One story has been debunked countless times by members of the press, by independent experts.“

“It is nothing but a false charge that the Trump administration is trying to drum up in order to avoid attention being directed at them. I mean, even Trey Gowdy, somebody who’s hardly a fan of mine, said that there doesn’t seem to be the basis for a special counsel. Of course, there isn’t.”

“She added that it’s “personally offensive that they would do this. But taking myself out of it, this is such an abuse of power, and it goes right at the rule of law.”

“And if they sent a signal that we’re going to be like some dictatorship, some authoritarian regime, where political opponents are going to be unfairly, fraudulently investigated, that rips at the fabric of the contract we have that we can trust our justice system.”
In any case, as indicated by a current meeting, it seems that Gowdy isn’t exactly done with Clinton yet. He is certain that there are no less than a couple of inquiries she has to answer with respect to the Trump-Russia dossier.

Amid a “Fox News Sunday” meeting with host Chris Wallace, Gowdy talked about the Russia investigation. He noticed that he was a member of a very small group of Republicans who were against Robert Mueller’s dismissal. The issue, he stated, was basically created by the Democrats:

“I wish the Democrats were a little bit more concerned, instead of reading the Moscow phonebook during the witnesses interviews trying to see if Jared Kushner knows a guy named Igor, I wish they’d help. That’s been my focus in 2017 – understanding that Russia tried to subvert our democracy, and it’d be great if my Democratic friends helped a little bit.”

The South Carolina delegate clarified that investigator Robert Mueller’s Russia inquiry should hope to see whether the Clinton campaign was involved in money laundering by using a fake dossier and presenting it as a legal one.

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