‘DEARBORNISTAN’ litigation jihadist drops 2 ‘halal’ lawsuits against Little Caesars after alleged threats to his family

Moughni had filed lawsuits against Little Caesars on behalf of Michelle Meade and her husband, Mohamad Bazzi, a Dearborn couple who said the pizza chain had sold fake halal pizzas at its Schaefer Road location.

In March 2017, a Muslim man named Mohamad Bazzi sued the company after he said his pizza contained pork even though it was advertised otherwise. Bazzi  said the pizza he ordered was labeled as “halal,” which means it meets Islamic food consumption standards. He said he and his wife became sick after eating the pizza and realizing the pepperoni on the pizza was pork.  Halal pepperoni is advertised on the business’ front window (below).

Daily Caller Bazzi’s wife says she knew the pepperoni was pork because she is a convert to Islam who grew up Catholic. Bazzi also has experience with pizza ingredients, he says, because he once worked at a pizza joint.

In the second lawsuit, two Muslim Dearborn residents allege they were sold pork pepperoni pizza when they ordered halal pepperoni pizza. They are suing for more than $100 million and allege the number of people affected is in the thousands.

However, Little Caesars completely rejected the plaintiff’s claims. The manager of the Dearborn pizza place, who was named in the lawsuit, claims he did nothing wrong and that the Muslim customer actually asked for a pepperoni pizza with a Halal sticker on the box.

The manager says Bazzi (below) wanted a pepperoni pizza and the Muslim “told the employee to put the [Halal] sticker” on the box. Based on the manager’s claims, it appears that Bazzi is straight up lying in an attempt to take advantage of the liberal outrage over “Islamophobia” and enrich himself.

What’s more, Bazzi waited three days after originally eating the pizza before he filed a police report and took action against the third largest pizza chain in the country. By waiting, he was hoping the employee would have forgotten the odd request.

Two Little Caesars pizza locations in Dearborn had sold halal pepperoni pizza, but the stores on Outer Drive and Schaefer Road discontinued the menu item after Moughni filed the Bazzi’s lawsuit in May. After the threats against Moughni surfaced recently on social media, he submitted petitions to drop the suits.

According to the Detroit Free Press, a man sent Moughni an instant message on Facebook on Oct. 26 that read: “You better stop your lawsuit against Little Caesars you” followed by an expletive and racial slur against Arabs and blacks.

Moughni also provided screenshots to the newspaper of photos the man posted on Twitter of Moughni and his family members with the words: “Muslim lawyer who wants to sue #LittleCaesars for $100,000,000 and his wife’s Facebook, daughter goes to” followed by the name of his daughter’s school.

The first of three lawsuits Moughni brought against the pizza maker was thrown out in September.