Colin Kaepernick Is Awarded ‘Citizen Of The Year’ And If You Don’t Like It, You’re A “White Supremacist”


GQ magazine has granted Colin Kaepernick the ‘Native of the Year’ grant for bowing amid the national song of praise. They additionally composed an article about him applauding him like he is the following Martin Luther King.“He’s been criticized by millions and bolted out of the NFL—all since he took a knee to dissent police severity. However, Colin Kaepernick’s resolved stand places him in an uncommon organization in sports history: Muhammad Ali, Jackie Robinson—competitors who gambled everything to have any kind of effect,” composed GQ.

Around 90 men are at present utilized as quarterbacks in the NFL, as either starters or stores, and Colin Kaepernick is better—unquestionably, evidently, level out better—than no less than 70 of them. He is still, right up ’til today, a standout amongst the most skilled quarterbacks on earth,” they composed.

What’s more, after this was distributed, liberals everywhere throughout the media have been assaulting Conservatives and calling them ‘racial oppressors’ whether they don’t concur. “In the event that you are vexed that Colin Kaepernick was named GQ Citizen of the Year, at that point in all likelihood, you are most likely a racial oppressor. Also, I move in supremacist tears like… .” tweeted filmmaker Tariq Nasheed.

“In this country that we live in, it’s dependably a wonderful thing, regardless of the possibility that somebody seems troublesome, it’s dependably a delightful thing to challenge the way of life, challenge the still, small voice of America, accordingly helping us to remember what we should be as a stunning mosaic that exists on the planet that we live in. In the event that anyone’s represented that in the realm of games, it is Colin Kaepernick,” contended ESPN’s Stephen A Smith.