While a panel of news anchors was discussing President Trump’s attacks of the mainstream media, urging the American public to remain skeptical of the press, Brzezinski proclaimed that if the economy goes south, Americans may begin to trust Trump over them. The MSNBC host recently lamented the influence President Trump has in influencing the American […]

62% Of Americans Say Trump Needs To Eliminate Welfare For Illegals – Do You Agree?

For months now, the Lefts have been criticizing President Trump’s immigration policies. Fortunately however, not all Americans have been brainwashed by the liberal ideology.And while many claim to be against President Trump’s policy, a new poll claims otherwise. That’s right. According to our source Conservative Report, the new Rasmussen poll shows that 62 percent of the American voters […]

WATCH: Muslim Terrorist Stabs Israeli Policeman, Gets Instant Brutal Justice

Just two weeks after President Donald Trump announced that the United States officially recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, a Palestinian man decided to stab an Israeli policeman in the West Bank. Now, pictures of the knife-wielding terrorist have gone viral to reveal what was under his jacket after he received a dose of […]

Doug Jones In Serious Trouble As Shocked Viewers See Who Is In Celebration Ceremony Crowd

This week, Doug Jones celebrated a victory in Alabama. But a shocking video went viral when everyone saw who was in the crowd during the celebration. And this may not seem good for Doug Jones. The liberals and Doug Jones celebrated an upset victory in Alabama over Roy Moore, but things are far from over. […]

Singer Reba McEntire To Michelle Obama: “White House Was Disgusting When You Were Living There”… Do you support her?

Reba McEntire’s decision to release her first-ever gospel record could not have come at a better time for the country legend or her fans. The Country Music Hall of Fame member is releasing “Sing it Now: Songs of Faith & Hope” on Friday, a double album of contemporary and classic gospel tunes. The singer said […]