Trump lashed out at aides after seeing Melania’s Air Force One television tuned to CNN: report

President Trump reportedly lashed out at aides after seeing first lady Melania Trump’s television broadcasting CNN on Air Force One. An internal email obtained by The New York Times said that the president caused “a bit of a stir” on the aircraft because the television was tuned into the network he continuously blasts as “fake […]

NFL Protesters Are Fuming After Ted Nugent Hit Them With Brutal Racial Fact They Don’t Want Anyone To Know

Ted Nugent is no stranger to the conservative circle. He’s even better known for pissing off liberals. Sure, he’s a bit crude at times, but he provides a fresh and no-nonsense perspective in a world inundated by political correctness. Nugent’s latest comments were directed at the NFL and players taking a knee during the anthem. […]

Names of NFL Players who Disrespected the Flag Yesterday!

Despite what you might be hearing, the shameful disrespecting of the American flag by NFL players continues. On Sunday, players across the league continued to kneel or sit down during the National Anthem, for a variety of stated reasons. Some say they’re protesting supposed police brutality against blacks, others that it’s a demonstration against President […]