BREAKING: First NFL Team Declares Bankruptcy Over Kneeling Thugs

The Jacksonville Jaguars are quietly maneuvering behind the scenes to file a Chapter 11 reorganization of debt bankruptcy in the 3rd District Court of Atlanta next week. The team, already in a market saturated with Dolphins, Bucs and Falcons fans, made the unfortunate mistake of drafting developing and hiring almost exclusively black players, leaving them […]

Pope Francis Gives Disgusting Defense Of Radical Islam After Trump’s Israel Announcement

The President made a noteworthy declaration, perceiving Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. In any case, Muslims everywhere throughout the world have been enraged over the choices. The predominant press has taken the side of the irate radical Muslims and have been censuring Trump for his choice. What is most astounding is the thing that […]

Donald Trump Sets Secret Trap To Catch Obama 24hrs After Rogue UN Official Exposes Active Coup At White House

Obama has had an extremely difficult time relinquishing the power he was held as president of the Untied States, as he’s spent every waking moment in recent months obsessing on ways to take out President Trump as he operates his “shadow government” from the headquarters of his D.C. mansion just 3 miles from the White House. […]

Do You Agree With Trump That The US Needs To Take More Serious Measures Against Radical Islam?

Fox News released an alarming update that all Americans need to be aware of. Terrorist organizations once again are encouraging rouge cells across the world to attack innocent civilians on trains and in Christmas markets. Watch below: International media is attacking Trump for recent “anti-Muslim” tweets, saying the UK is “overrun with radical Islamics and […]

Democrats Announce Articles Of IMPEACHMENT For Trump, Forget 1 Very Important Detail

On Wednesday morning, Democratic members of Congress introduced their articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump due to their “great concern for our country and our Constitution.” However, they forgot one very important detail and, as usual, have ended up looking like a bunch of idiots. Of course, the idea that the Democrats have “great concern for our country and […]


The so-called legendary civil rights leader John Lewis says, he does not want to share the “same platform” as President Trump. Lewis complained that President Trump’s attendance to opening ceremony of the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum, would make a “mockery of everything that people tried to do to redeem the soul of America.” WASHINGTON — […]

All HELL Breaks Loose At WH As Trump Uncovers Obama’s Covert Order To Agents To Take Out His Entire Family

Obama has finally left the White House, but we can’t say the same for his spies that are still hiding inside of it. It is believed that the ex-president has  his “secret government”  that includes around 30 people who are infiltrated in Trump’s administration as his “secret agents”. Their job is simple- to give confident […]