BREAKING: Vonn Out Of Olympics Less Than 24 Hrs After Trashing Trump – Her Career Is Officially Over


We remember how Lindsey Vonn decided to throw some bad words for Trump using her publicity.

She immediately realized that it was a bad idea. Apparently she didn’t learn the lesson from NFL.

Now she might finish the 2018 Winter Olympic games before they even start. Take a look what happened.

According to Freedom Daily:

Lindsey tried to get attention on herself with a statement where she appoints to Trump and his recent politics. According to CNN she stated: “Well, I hope to represent the people of the United States, not the president,”.

24 hours after her sponsors boycott, she suffered much worse nightmare. Reuters stated: Lindsey Vonn was injured after finishing the World Cup Super G race in St Moritz on Saturday. Vonn was making bad grimaces as she was slowing down, and when she finally crossed the finish line she staggered away.

Vonn spent an hour at medical treatment, and the U.S. team later responded on twitter:

“compressed her back on the fifth gate, skied through pain but didn’t have the power to push. She was evaluated by the physio and doctor in the tent. Further information to come.”

Vonn is really tough when it comes for injuries. She spent last couple of years rehabilitating and training for this 2018 Olympic games when she suffered tough injury before. This could mean she might miss the following Olympic Games, and maybe this is some kind of instant karma for offending the president.

When we speak about her statement for Trump, the hashtag #BoycottUnderArmour became synonym on twitter especially. She ended up dissappointed immediately after her statement because the reactions came with the speed of the light, and many sponsors gave up from her.

She apparently is not in good position for criticizing, as one commentator from Breitbart said:

“Nude photo shooting Lindsey who dated drug-addled philandering Tiger Woods now appoints herself a paragon of American virtue? You want to shoot your mouth off and enter politics baby, run for office. You want to suck my tax dollars on the Olympic team and represent me… you keep your mouth shut and focus on skiing, maybe you can win a medal for a change??”

Shame on you Vonn, you better look for your skiing form and gold medals, not getting attention with politics.

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