BREAKING: Calls For Obama’s Immediate Arrest After What He Was Just Caught Doing With Muslims


For almost 8 years, Obama was only trying to bring our country down, and he did everything in his power to corporate with Muslims.

He was trying to put Iran on it’s way to Nuclear weapons, while sending U.S. soldiers on their ground.

What he was caught doing in the middle east is something terrible, he must be arrested. Take a look.

According to Freedom Daily:

We learned in the past that Obama was working with ISIS while he was the chairman in the White House, and secured massive amount of weapon for their terrorist groups. Now, new scandal appears where we can see that he was doing everything in his power to make the Nuclear deal with Iran, even if it cost lives of many U.S. soldiers, as Dennis Michael Lynch reported.

As Politico reported, Obama’s administration was working aside with Hezbollah and was supporting his drug trafficking and money laundering operations inside the U.S. Apparently Obama helped Hezbollah to become major terrorist threat to the whole world operating from the U.S. ground.

The Drug Enforcement Administration had a project named “Cassandra”. The target of this project were Lebanese militant groups who were tracking drugs and guns to the U.S. When Project leaders sought approval for some significant investigations, prosecutions and arrests, The Justice and Treasury departments rejected them immediately. This rejecting was in control of Obama and his administration officials.

Veteran AF reported something more unbelievable. Apparently Obama transferred 1,7 billion dollars. He approval was for the funds to be wired from the Federal Reserve Bank in New York to a Swiss National Bank. Later they withdrew the funds from the account and transferred the money to an official from the Iranian Central Bank.

“If a company did this, a CEO would be in jail right now,” said columnist Charles Krauthammer, appointing on Obama’s major criminal.

This is something incredible, Obama mus be charged and face prison for all the crimes he made to the U.S. citizens. We don’t want a man who betrays his country and works with terrorist groups who bombs the U.S. ground.

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