Boom! Border Wall Has 1 Shocking Feature That Enrages Illegals


A word is a powerful weapon.

Lobbyists, politicians, lawyers…they all fight with this weapon.

While the Liberals ruled, their propaganda hid their agenda pretty well. But now things are unveiling pretty fast.

A solution to fight the immigrant wave and crisis is offered by Trump and the Republican’s administration. The Liberals are doing anything to prevent solutions because they were unable to offer them. Or is it them who are behind creating problematic situations all along?

Also, isn’t it better to “copy” real-life examples of solutions that worked? If practice makes perfect, why don’t we start relying on practical examples more, than just waste words and budget funds on empty tries?

A wall, separating the border between Hungary and Croatia was build for the same reason. And guess what happened there? This divider hasn’t just recently decreased the number of migrants crossing the border. It is totally halted the stream. According to our source, American Conservative Herald, the suggestion is that the similar will happen in this case.

“In 2015 Hungary erected a border fence. By October officials said no migrants had breached the fence Hungary built on its border with Croatia on the first day of operation. The fence includes razor wire to deter migrants from entering. No migrants have breached the fence since the border was closed.”

Statistics never lie, and even they confirm that this solution is working. In 2015, in September to be more accurate, a total number of 138,396 migrant entries were noted on the border between Hungary and Croatia. After this wall was built, the number of daily entries of migrants (recorded in November) decreased to only 15 per day. All in all, that’s a daily reduction of about 4,500. Pretty workable plan, huh?

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