Black Kid Tracks Down White Boy, Makes Him Pay For Being ‘A Slave’

When two Michigan boys went to a playground to pass the afternoon as kids do, one wouldn’t leave alive. The victim became the perfect target for another child’s twisted desires, after the sick lessons he learned at home that led him to commit a heinous crime.

Jamarion Lawhorn, 13, had allegedly buried a knife in the sand at a park in Kentwood, waiting for a white boy to come to play. When 9-year-old Connor Verkerke arrived, he didn’t realize this teen terror’s rage-filled eyes would be the last thing he saw. Jamarion unearthed his weapon and stabbed the younger boy to death, releasing years of abuse from his parents with every drive of the knife into this young boy’s body.

After the stabbing on August 4, 2014, many people are outraged over the judge’s decision on the case. Sordid details about the murder have also been released, which should bring more charges, but it won’t.

Black Kid Tracks Down White Boy, Makes Him Pay For Being 'A Slave'
Kentwood, Michigan park where killing happened

Jamarion didn’t know his victim. He just knew he wanted to kill someone so he could get out of the house of horrors he lived in. He had endured a daily severe beating by his mom and stepdad, including being whipped with an extension cord, among other dangerous devices. Jamarion claimed he was treated “like a slave,” and his home was filthy and borderline condemned, according to WOODTV.

After killing Connor, who tried to run for help after being bludgeoned but collapsed on the step of his home, Jamarion calmly called the police. He immediately admitted to what he did and said he wanted to be removed from his awful life at home. His claims of the condition and heinous abuse were confirmed with extensive evidence, and his parents were each charged with abuse and neglect.

Anita Lawhorn, Jamarion’s mother (left), his stepfather, Bernard Herrold (right)

It’s now been decided this week that Jamarion will be charged as an adult, and he will receive his sentence at a later date. The child killer doesn’t seem to care, as he has already lived the life of a death sentence in his own home before now. Prison is an improvement.

His mother is not happy about him getting the adult treatment, nor is she taking responsibility for creating this monster. “It’s my son. He’s a baby. He’s charged as an adult, but ya know at the end of the day he was still born March 14th, 2002. He’s still a kid,” Anita Lawhorn, Jamarion’s mother, told Fox 17.  “I understand the severity of the case, but he’s not an adult and I know he has to be punished for his actions and I do not believe he should get an adult sentence.”

Jamarion isn’t the only killer in this case, his mother and stepfather did their part in killing the spirit this kid could have had, replacing it with hate and rage as a result of their abuse. They deserved to be charged with homicide as well. Had it not been for their deplorable parenting, Connor would be alive today, and Jamarion wouldn’t have become the young thug they created.

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